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North Port Quay reaches for the stars
Monday, 15 September 2008 11:18

The North Port Quay proponents are aiming for the highest sustainability standards in the design of a new community on the Western Australian coast. 

Project director Chris Carman said the North Port Quay concept plans had been amended following a series of successful community consultations and the project's sustainability credentials were now even stronger.

The backers of North Port Quay are in discussion with the Green Building Council of Australia to register the design of the major commercial, retail and tourism buildings in the development for a rating assessment and the same high design standards will be applied to residential buildings.

The backers of North Port Quay want this concept to set a new international benchmark for sustainable development, Mr Carman said.

This is a visionary project which will put Western Australia on the map as the world leader in sustainable development.

Our concept aims to address the climate change challenge on a scale never before contemplated.¯

Curtin University Professor of Sustainability Peter Newman said the North Port Quay concept would employ best practice energy management and renewable energy sources.

Upon completion the North Port Quay development will be carbon free, tapping the wind, waves and sun for energy, Professor Newman said.

"I think this would be so far beyond current ratings schemes that they won't quite know how to assess it. There is nothing like this. 

"How to be 100% renewable - that's a dream that even the Green Building Council haven't been able to put their head around yet, so I think we'll be beyond those kinds of ratings schemes." 

The $10 billion North Port Quay community would sit north of Fremantle Port behind a 3.5km seawall and include homes for 20,000 people. The concept includes six residential island villages connected by bridges, two new schools, 2,200 boat pens, a performing arts centre, five-star hotel and tourism and retail centre.

In another first, the development will use a closed cycle for water and waste. This will mean grey water systems directed into public and private gardens and a detailed investigation into whether sewage recycling could be achieved and used in irrigation.

Mr Carman said community support for the North Port Quay concept had been overwhelmingly positive and the developers had revisited the design following expert and community feedback.

People are excited at the prospect of new beaches being created as part of the concept,¯ he said.

We have extended the proposed beach fronts and changed the alignment and reduced the size of the sea wall to protect views from Port Beach.

Other amendments to the concept plan include:

  • providing land for places of worship;
  • narrowing the roads in residential areas to discourage the use of cars;
  • providing electric cars and scooters for residents; and
  • planting additional trees.

More than 200 people have attended community forums and received detailed briefings on the concept plan.

Forum participants completed detailed questionnaires prepared and analysed by Patterson Market Research.

The response from the questionnaires and the polling conducted by Pattersons has been very positive, Mr Carman said.

Telephone polls conducted statewide and in Fremantle have shown majority support for the North Port Quay concept.

Participants at the community forums have overwhelmingly supported the concept after receiving detailed briefings. Survey responses showed that 80% were in support of the proposal, up from 46% at the start of the forums.

The project team has also provided briefings to a range of professional planning and engineering bodies as part of the consultation process.

Mr Carman said following the comprehensive community consultation the developers were now ready to discuss with Government the process for gaining tenure of the seabed and the commencement of the approvals process.

A number of Fremantle and Perth identities including Shaun McManus, Jane Marwick, Dale A lcock, Geoff Marsh and Andrew Vlahov have endorsed the revised concept plans and are publicly supporting the project.

Their comments are available on the North Port Quay website

A television advertising campaign highlighting the sustainability benefits of the North Port Quay concept will begin on Saturday.

For more information about the project visit

Media comment available from:

David Christison, North Port Quay spokesman, on 0418 959 817