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Coastal Planning Strategy - Public Submission

North Port Quay Holdings, the proponents behind the North Port Quay (NPQ) concept have made a submission to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure in relation to the Perth Coastal Planning Strategy.

The submission concentrates on Precinct 33, or the area surrounding The Fremantle Inner Harbour. North Port Quay Holdings believe they have a world-class project that will enhance the area and relieve development pressures on our coast for years to come.

This submission attempts to provide a strategic regional planning context for the future protection and sustainable development of Perth's metropolitan coastline.

Below are some of the topics covered within the submission. Click on the topic to read that part of the submission.

What makes North Port Quay sustainable?

Where is Australia's population moving to?

What effect will climate change have on coastal development?

What is a carbon free urban development?

How does wave power work?

What is the State Government's policy on developing Fremantle's outer harbour?

What current issues support the building of North Port Quay?

How will North Port Quay help ease Fremantle's traffic congestion?

What will North Port Quay offer cyclists and pedestrians?

How will North Port Quay integrate with Fremantle's working port?

How will North Port Quay ease boating congestion on the Swan River?

What benefits will North Port Quay provide nearby beaches?

How will North Port Quay improve the marine environment?

What plans does North Port Quay have to regenerate seagrass?

How will North Port Quay help protect the Port Beach from erosion?

What will the building height restrictions be on North Port Quay?

How will silt and turbidity issues be managed during the construction of North Port Quay?

What will be the tourism impact on North Port Quay?

What is the history of reclaiming land in Fremantle?

Where have residential and tourist areas co-existed with a working port?

What public consultation has been undertaken?

What was the feedback from the North Port Quay community forums?

Why is North Port Quay important to Fremantle and Western Australia?